DCmarket: How to Use Malaysia’s Most Popular Online Shopping Site

If you are new to Malaysia or weren’t sure how use DCmarket, sit back, relax, and in just 6 simple steps you will be well on your way to shopping up an online storm!

One very important thing that are necessary for DCmarket purchases are your address must be in English.

Step 1: Choose English

Head over to www.dcmarket.com.my 

Step 2: Register

Select register on the top left-hand side and fill in your personal information. Remember to check the availability of your inputs. Thereafter, confirm your registration via your email.

Step 3: Select a Category of Begin a Search

Once you have signed back into DCmarket with your new ID and password, you are ready to shop! 

Go ahead and select one of the categories on the left part of the screen if you would like to browse.

If you know exactly what you are looking for go ahead and type it in the rectangular search bar.

Step 4: Choose an item option

Your next page will show you the different options of products available. Scroll along with the page and select an option that you are looking for.

Step 5: Checkout

The next page will show you how much your item costs and the shipping fees.

Once you have made all the necessary selections go ahead and click buy now or if you want to keep shopping, click add to cart.

Enter your information for shipping. Remember to be exact with other information you have registered with.

Step 6: Payment Choices 

For those wanting to pay by credit card, debit card, e-Wallet or online transfer, payment is nothing out of the ordinary.

Select ‘ok’ twice to confirm the creation of this account, return back to your order and click the ‘submit my order’ option.

You have successfully made an order on DCmarket.

If you have any doubts or concerns about your order head to the “Ask me a question” or email us option where you can reach to a DCmarket representative.

Delivery time varies but the usual is within 3-5 days. Except International parcel. 

Well there you have it guys, I hope these DCmarket basics helped.

Until next time take care and happy shopping!